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Tony Hedges Lifetime Mentorship! Limited number of Mentee spots available.. You get 3 total Private 2 hours classes (6 Hours total sometimes 8 or 9), Then 2 Private Live Trading Sessions. Plus constant contact afterwords. Mentees will also get a special deal on the Live stream Texts alerts, Chatroom, The whole Shabang! In the Mentorship Course you will Learn…

1-Setting up your Day Trading as a Business “Your Money is your inventory a store without it cant make money”

2- The winners mindset and its powe

3- Technical Analysis 101 Baiscs

4 Technical analysis of a hedge fund Pivot Points, Price Channels Bollinger bands

5- Fundamental Trading (Technical vs Fundamental)

6 -Picking Stock at a 90% win rate (Its done everyday) Strict Technical Analysis is key

7- Swing trading and its relations to the MA Envelopes

8- Real Scalping

9- Shorting

10 Dealing with losses. The 5 types of losses easily avoidable

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